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The accomplishment of persistent effort, the accomplishment of watchfulness, good friendship, and balanced livelihood leads to happiness.


Last day of ski trip

"Surprise" in the end of the ski trip?

It was drizzling in the morning until afternoon.The weather was bad,we managed to get a stroll in the Falls Creek village and took a chairlift to the Toboggan slope mountain.First of all, we need a pair of good boots to walk in the snow .Look at me, i was trying out those shows and wishing to pick up a good pair of boot to help me to walk through the thick and slippery snow.We then began our journey after getting the boots from the hire shop next to our accomodation.

We were all enjoying the morning walk in the village and was busy snapping photos while enjoying the village view.The cold and crispy air smell so fresh in the morning.

We went up the Toboggan slope mountain after the lunch,it was bloody cold up there, and the wind was strong we managed to took photos there by SQ tripod.We then leave Falls creek at around 2 :30 pm evening.

In the end of the trip, i actually got a big surprise on the bus .The surprise was that I won a DVD player in the lucky draw competition.I was so shocked when SQ announced it.I cannot believe my ears because i never even think of me winning that prize.Because i dun have good TV at home..plus a lot of asignments which keep on pouring onto me.But....ONE THING FOR SURE.I am blessed by buddha , maybe..hehe..When SQ announced me as the winner that time, he was so funny and acted so mysteriously .He never mentioned my name directly, he was actually letting everyone to take a guess on the winner by describing me.Good voice,good in hip hop dancing, skiing on skitrip etc...which actually makes me blushed cox i m not expert in hiphop dancing.^*-*^

If you all wish to view for more photos for the ski trip,feel free to visit the links below:



Skiing is FUN but with bruises...

On the first day of the ski trip,I was the first one who woke up in the crispy cold morning because I thought there was suppose to be a Tai Chi going onas stated in the scheduled timetable . There was rain, so program's was cancelled. After breakfast, we all headed to the ski chairlift counter to buy our ski lesson ticket and started off the day with the 2 hours skiing lesson. For me, skiing is so hard to learn because so sad to say that I hadn't even learn how to play with roller blading .I managed to get the knack of skiing only around 2 or 3 hours after the lesson. I was so afraid to fall but the main part of skiing is to fall but with the right posture and as well as controlling the speed while skiing. I had always ended up falling in the wrong posture, so I was a paranoid all day long when it comes to a fall all the time. The most unlucky things that happen is to me and friends(Yanti's gang) was we went off to the wrong way while we were skiing. We went to the intermediate slope. We went tumbling and falling down (such as Humpty dumpy who sat on the wall and fell)all the way from the top to the bottom of the mountain slope. The funniest things is other people just need to use 5 minutes to ski down the slope which we had spend 2 to 3 hours on that slope. Yet, during the falling down period, we had all build up good friendship as we helped each other up whenever we each one of us fall down. We waited for each another while another our friends fell down again. The sloop was too steep for us beginner who had just began our lesson on that day. There is this old sayings which exactly describe our situation which is someone who never learn how to walk but wants to fly. After skiing down the mountain slope, our stomach went grumbling and we all went to had the hot potatoes wedges and sour cream which was so delicious and yummy. I managed to meet up my dear god sister Cammy. We got a chance to ski together for another one hour before we bid goodbye to each other. In the end, when i was backed to our accomodation lodge, i realised my legs were full with bruises.That was really a pay off for the ski fun!

After dinner, all of us was separated into 2 groups and we were about to start a snow fight. The games rules indicated that each group need to produce a snowman but the winner will need to hit off the snowman head by snowball. We then started building weapons which were the snowballs and had been planning out strategy to win our opponent. My group had came up with the brilliant idea to build a big snow wall in front of the snow man and in order to protect it. Our snow fight ended up with no winner or loser. Yet, there was something which was quite annoying had happened which was that stupid GN who crossed over the snow fight barrier illegally and attacked me. His intention was not attacking the snow man but me. I was so shocked, luckily my friend realised that and gave him a good kick and it stop him from continuing attacking me.I was so frustrated because my beanie and hair was all wet with that stupid GN attacking my head with snow. Yet, i slowly cooled down my temper and everything was back to normal again which i thought it was .But the answer WAS no, i started realising my friend VY was acting a bit weird and was unhappy during the ski trip, which really kill some of my holiday moods. After the snow fight, I went to the main lounge and joined the others to play cards games with them .Frankly speaking, i actually get to know BLIA friends better through the card games. I had voiced up some of my opinion towards FoGuangShan Youth club activities to the President(Alan).I wish that i can helped out with the committees next year if i m still around in Melbourne because i dunno where i will get my first job. I had a great talk with Alan and he had given me a lot of golden advices and opinions which will helps me through out my life. Thanks to him !The next day, I then only found out that he was my guardian angel during the skitrip.This was because all of us had been assigned a guardian angel in the beginning of the trip. He/she will not disclose their identity until the end of the trip. He really helps me as my mortal angel, giving wise advice and helped me at the right time when i was bullied during the skitrip.He was the one who Give the Idiot the kick on his back.hehe...^*-*^


Skitrip which last for 3 days was fun actually except some small minor problem that arises and affect my feelings...

After finishing the auditing test on friday, i quickly rushed off to Carnegie to do the last minute shopping for the skitrip. I bought my beanie, ski glove , sunglasses and some snacks.I even packed my luggaged until late midnight at 3 am.How stupid am i , cannot make up deciosn wat tobring to the trip. It all ended up in a veyr big luggage which is thebiggest luggage in the whole bus.I dunno wat i bring as well, some extra clothes.Which i think i look clumsy on that big lugagge.

The next morning , i dragged the big luggage to the city, and carried it all the way to queens street art gallery.I was so shocked that i was actually the first one who arrived .

We all then headed off falls creek around 9:30.We reachtehre at around 4 o'clcok in the evening and we were all allocated to each of our room,and being brought to rent our ski equipment.

I was so excited with my ski lesson for the next day. When the night cames, GN invited me , to joinVY and VC and him to have dinner together.He brought the mobile stove which they decided to have steamboat.We had steamboat and they played magic card after the steamboat.I then decided to join the rest of them in the Italian restaurant and had had my vanilla ice-cream with choclate topping with lots of almond flake on it.Yummy...:P

I even played the soccer game machine in the cafe with the BLIA friends. I did some have some fun with the BLIA people in the restaurant. Enjoying their company there , and i had told myself i had never regret leaving VY, GN and VC they all playing cards.hehe...I think i canot be blamed cox i have no interest at all at the Magic cards.Sigh...


It has been ages that I never blog . Sorry again for those who had been always keeping an eye on my blogs .I guess because i was very lazy at that time. During the holiday, i admitted i played quite a lot. I did things which i dun use to do, such as playing computer games. I got to know Gani and Madeline during the holiday. They are both voon yee's friends.I watched a lot of movies and enjoy the company of Benjamin, Madeline, voon yee and gani. I even went basketball on some mondays with voon yee and friends.It has been a few years ever since high school that i practiced playing basketball.I cannot believe that my movement can still be so agile .I even did some swimming lap in the Clayton sports and recreation centre hehe...which turns out to be a good news which means that i m not old yet.hehe...^*-*^
I manage to get some pictures during the holiday in the Botanical garden.I get to sing karaoke, went shopping, and tried out some Indonesian Food in Blok M.

During the holiday, I actually tried to translate once in Fo Guang Shan.It is truly an experience for me. It is a bit tough initially but i manage to get over it.I realised that my memory is quite bad which i tends to forget about venerable's talk. However, i summarize her talks in brief and manage to bring out the essence of her talk.Lucky me, I had Alan to support me during my period of translation as SQ had went back Singapore for holiday. I believed that with more practice in the future will definitely make me improve more. I told me self I had to read up more books on Buddhism so i can truly deliver the true message by venerable and share the merits and Buddha dharma with the other Buddhist. In the end of my translation, there were actually some of my friends and audience who went up to me and praises me by saying i did a good job on the translation. This actually do help me to build more confidence in the future to translate in a better way.

Time flies, when uni starts, assignment start pilling up and I need to switch off my holiday mood ..then concentrate more on studies...and good news, I manage to complete my accounting degree and now applying for PR.Hopefully everything goes smoothly and i m really looking forward to get a good job as an auditor.


Miracle!Did i "STOP THE CLOCK"???!!!

Something strange happen to me today.


Today was actually one of my most relaxing day as i have alreadi told myself i m going to chant the whole sutra and listen to the dharma talk becox i have always been there late and miss a part of the chanting session. I have been stressing through out the whole week studying and i really need a break and recently a lot of doubts towards life .Maybe it is just too much stress!

So, today after listening to wat venerable yong wei had said, it actually just help to solve my problems which have been bugging me all these while. She even advised us on ways to take care of ourselves during the period of exam.While i was actually concentrating on her talk, i looked at Buddha face again!I think i saw him smiling to me, at that moment, i felt blessed my the buddhism power and grateful to buddha teachings!

Later after the dharma pratices and vegetarian lunch, SQ, Ooi Mun and Xue Ling had suggested me to try translating venerable yong wei dharma talk during the holiday,which is a big challenge and a big task for me, i have to translate in front of a lot of people, but luckily that is only small amount of people during holiday. I will need to read a lot of buddhism books and be prepared by then, which is after my exam!!!i have to do public speaking which i use to do it quite often when i was in my primary school days and high school days participating in story telling competition and debates.hee...but that was ages ago...i think my skills has been rusty nowadays,need some brush up on my oratorical skill. Definitely confidence need to be rebuild again with more readings.

ok,let me start my miracle story here...

I went on shopping trip today alone.I did buy quite a lot of stuffS, Shiseido facial cleaning set and some asian grocery stuffs. I was then a bit tired yet satisfied, preparing on my way home. Initially, i was thinking to go Carnegie to shop for some fruits on my way back home.But weather is so cold, and I was actually waiting for the Frankston line train which was going to arrive in 10 more minutesin Melbourne Central station.I then cancelled my trip to Carnegie as it is not going to stop at Carnegie but straight heading home(Glenhuntly) for me.

The train came and I went on the train as usual and i was going to sleep, but later i figure out the train seems to be coming back to Melbourne central station again(the original station when i step in the train) for the second times when i opened my eyes after a short 10 minutes nap.It looks weird to me, as the frankston train will not usually go around the city loop .Yet, i dun care, i closed my eyes, continue my nap. The minute i opened my eyes again, i was in Footscray, which indicated that i was actually in Weribbee line train, which turns out to be verystrange.I suppose to be heading South, yet the train was heading on the opposite direction to where i was suppose to go.I felt so blurred and helpless but to get off the train.But , blessing in disguise, i to go to a grocery shop in Footscray and bought my fruits which i thought i will be lack of time to do so.As if the Buddha is lnding me extra time to do so and even send me to the place which i wish to go.

Frankly speaking, i have always wanted to buy fruits at Footscray for ages because they are super cheap and valuable.But that is too far for me.To my surprise, i have no idea why i was being send there today to buy fruits.I had even discovered that something turns out to be very odd, i remembered it was going to be late alredi at 5:30pm, but it seems like my clock does not run as usual,it seems to be stopping there for 2 hours.When i was about to catch the train backto city and to change the train to go back Glenthuntly, i felt as if I m still located at the same time , as if the time passed so slow for me. I had the feeling I was been granted another 2 hours by Buddha. Becoxx.....SSHSHHH....I MAKE A WISH YESTERDAY!I WISH THAT I CAN STOP THE CLOCK FOR A WHILE. DEEP IN MY HEART, I THINK ONE DAY 24 HOURS IS NOT ENOUGH TOO.(Whcih i just remebered)Coz i have been staying at library and study till11:00 pm everyday, and realise time is not insufficient for me.

And the most mysterious and weird thing that happen to me is why i m in the werribbee line train when i was actually on my way back home(frankston )line.I was pondering over the incident when i was on the teleconferencing with my auntie and my mom. Then i realised that Buddha or the bodhisattva may wanted me to witness the existence of time zone miracles.As today the whole day, i can feel that my mind is very clear, calm, peace and it is just like a mirror after chanting the sutra .

I felt proud to withness this miracle, as I experienced once with the clock being stop once in my lifetime!Now, i do believe that there is always another time zone happening around us at the same place ,location just as what the" matrix" film shows.

Nowadays, i feel the strength and powerfulness of buddhism power which becomes part of my life.I feel it strongly in me whenever i take any action.I will relate to Buddhism, i think Buddha is trying to let me see clearly in the way I take my perception towards life. Time is not always a matter to us in real life!!!The most important thing is you have to get own task being done properly.

Exam coming, i think Buddha is warning me not to be panic and i can always finish my task in the end,Time is not a concern matter !!!This reminds me on Doris Ang's talk(a psychologist from Singapore) said that 90% of your worries will not become true.

Lukily, i had started revising the advance accounting. So , one more week to go for Exam !

Will be continued....

One more to go...then exam!

Today, was indeed an efficient day too.As usual, i went to temple and pray.Everytime i go to temple, I will get to find true self and always find peace there as well .A self-reflection on myself for the whole week is automactically being done while chanting and repentance is being made everytime i say the prayer after chanting.

Venerable Yong Wei have always been a good teacher in giving dharma talk which has always set a good mirror to me for a great reflection on myself and get myself to be enlightened with buddhism teachings.This week, i actually bring a lot of unsolved problems with me to the temple will my brain filled with many "???" .My depressed feeling these few days which was resulted from the assignments was then being cleared today again.

So glad!!!That is wat i always like to praise Buddha.He is the best psychologist.The magnificent power of wisdom of Buddha always bring me back to the right path of life. It always get me to see the real cycle of life.The perceptive of looking into the human world will always let us see our problems which arise"sufferings" .

Today, venerable yong wei discussed about the cause, condition and effect. She let us see that everyone will not be able to escape from effect if we have alredi sow the seed of "cause".The effect will always takes places when the conditions comes.The effect will happen anytime, it may happen in our future life or our present life. While venerable is giving talks,I look at buddha face , i feel like Buddha is smiling at me because he knows that I had get my problem solved by attending today's dharma talk.I realised that from the talk sometimes we cannot compare other people's effect with ours, because each one of us have different "cause" seeds which we had already sowed.Therefore, we have different karma and outcomings in our daily life. Some people may talk bad about other people and some may be blamed.These are results of cause and effect.When the condition comes, that will be the best time the effect takes place.So, in order to create a better effect in the future, we should build more good affinities with others.We should not be complaining or frustrated over some unfair situation, as each of us have a different effect due to out past life or previous causes.

After the dharma talk session and a delightful vegetarian lunch with BLIA friends, i headed directly to uni again.The web tech assignment on asp.net is officially started from today.Me and my teammate discussed over the setting up of the server and coding which need tobe modified over the PHP code.Tough!But need to do it asap and it is going to be dued by week 12.Not much time left!!!Sigh...Need to start studying for advance accouting too!

Nevermind,according to Venerable said in the talk about cause and effect, if we study hard , the effect will be "getting a good job" in the future.Hopefully the condition will be happen to take place at the right time which is my exam question can be solved easily..hehehe...^*-*^winks winks..will blog again!!!


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